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Wedding Website 4-1-1

Personal touches are what make a wedding special, starting with your website!

The wedding website is likely the first thing guests will see. So, taking the time to personalize, present, and introduce yourselves (and the theme) is important.   

But, that doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone! Planning your wedding can be crazy, stressful, and exciting. And, with so much going on, the wedding website can easily be the last thing on your mind.

I've created a brief walk-through of all the things you should put on your wedding website to eliminate some of the worries.


The Story

Let your guests get to know you as a couple! On the site, introduce them to your story. We recommend writing a brief description of how you met, fell in love, or became engaged. There’s no need to be shy! After all, every one of your guests is coming to celebrate you.

Try to include any funny or cute details that make your story unique and can connect you more to your guests.

If you have trouble writing the description, consider asking a family member or close friend. This can give an outside, and heartwarming perspective of your love story. You can also invite your guests to participate in a virtual advice column. This will get guests involved, and work as an online guest book. For another personal touch, create a custom URL link. This can be done by using both of your names, married name, or your wedding hashtag.


Personal Photos

Along with some personal details we highly recommend photos. These can be any images that you have and don’t necessarily need to be professional photos from an engagement shoot.

Websites are the most engaging when visuals are used. Plus, it will get guests excited to see you in person and celebrate.


Event Details

The most important information that needs to be included on the wedding website is the event details. For this part, you will need to think of all the event logistics.

Include the exact time that the ceremony, reception, or dinner begins and ends. The date of the wedding and its exact location also need to be highlighted.

You should also try to include any travel information. This is especially necessary if there are guests coming from out of town, or if the event is being held in a remote location. An interactive timeline is also a good idea to share on the website. This should be a visual outline of the day that highlights important times guests should be aware of (for example the reception time or cocktail hour). Include photos, times, locations and personal images that get them engaged while keeping them informed on the big day. 


Location Information

You should also include information about the event location. If you are hosting a destination wedding, this information is especially important.

Include information about where guests can stay overnight such as hotels, bed and breakfasts or Airbnb rentals. Also, provide recommendations that can keep them busy during the day. For example: is there a beach nearby they can relax at, pool, or day spa?

Have fun with it and remember not to stress too much about keeping them preoccupied.

If the wedding is local, try to highlight any favorite locations you like to visit as a couple (is there a great hiking trail nearby, coffee shop or art gallery you frequent on dates?). Guests tend to love personal connections to the couple and will be thrilled to hear the back-story of why you suggest it.


Bridal Party

The wedding website is a great time to introduce the rest of your guests to your bridal party. This doesn’t need to be a large section of the site but is necessary if guests are not familiar with them.

Try to include a small photo, name, description, and role that way everyone knows who they are on the big day! To get guest’s engaging with one another, create a wedding hashtag and custom Snapchat geofilter. Guests can also use this during the event to share photos. We also recommend creating a social wall, so you don’t miss out on anything guests tag you in. Plus, it can be an easy way to share photos from your reception photo booth. 



The final bit of information that we recommend including on the wedding website is your registry. Rather than sending out separate links (which can get confusing for guests), we suggest having it on the website. That way, it’s easy for guests to know exactly what you want and where to find it.

With so much going on in the months leading up to a wedding, feeling overwhelmed is normal. But, it doesn’t have to be with our help!

If you or someone you know is getting married and could use some professional advice please give us a call at 707.732.1505 email us at or connect with us on Instagram.

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