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BYS Real Weddings - A Secret Jungle Hideaway

Ruth and Conor chose one of the most outdoor fairy-tale jungle settings EVER, at Bodega Bay Secret Gardens and we seriously CAN NOT get enough of it. With the help of photographer Andrea Vodiczkova, Pacific Connection Catering, planning by us By Your Side Events, Drake and Evan Wedding Films and so many more, we were able to bring out all the fairy-tale sweetness for this connected romantic couple.


We made very good use of the time that we had after getting ready, and before the bridal party had to head out. We were able to do first look, couple shots and bridal party shots all BEFORE the ceremony. Cheers to being, and staying on time! However, we will admit, it did get a bit tricky time-wise before the bridal party arrived to the venue for ceremony. We ended up processing straight from the vehicle that brought the bridal party to the venue, but nobody (not even the guests) would ever know that wasn't the original plan......until now that is.


Can we just all pause and give these peacock chairs the moment the deserve.....

....and scene. Moving on...

The light greenery runner with the coppery / peach chargers and candles gives these guest dinner tables-capes beautiful, romantic hideaway vibes and we are HERE. FOR. IT.


We made sure to leave plenty of time for dancing the night away, which was really important to Ruth and Conor.



Our BYS bride is of Ethiopian descent, so they got to have an extra celebration after their American traditional wedding. The beautiful bright colors and delicious food really popped on day 2.

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