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We're All In This Together (wild cats sing along)

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Look, we totally understand that planning a wedding right now is.....unusual, but I/we are here with and for you! We are all on the same page, and we are absolutely all in this together. Can anyone else not help but sing it when you say it? High School Musical fan says what? Anyway, out of all the details that go in to postponing a wedding, one of the most important is to remember to communicate with your guests! Some of you have had to change your date already and have already gone through the motions (and emotions) - and I am SO sorry and am here for you if you need anything, really, just hit me up - but there may be a few more of you who have weddings in the upcoming months and you haven't made a decision yet and are just waiting to see what is going to happen the first few weeks of May; or you may have a wedding in the fall and you are preparing a back up date as a precaution. Hopefully, some of these words will help you through this.

Once all of your vendors have been confirmed for your wedding date - I repeat, once all of your vendors have been confirmed for your new wedding date* be sure to let your guests know ASAP. Call all of your most important guests first (parents, immediate family and bridal party) and speak with them directly so they can change their travel plans, and then inform the rest of your guests immediately (the sooner you do it, the more likely they are able to attend). An email notification as soon as you make the decision is just fine for your other guests, then follow up with an official change the date card and update the wording on your website for everyone to see. Not just the front page though guys...don't forget about the travel info page, additional events page (like your welcome reception or day after brunch), and any other detailed page with information that you might need to change.

*don't forget this very important part! Make sure to do your best to keep all of your existing vendors so you can avoid cancellation fees and make sure they are available for your new date. Every vendor I have spoken with so far are being flexible with not charging any fees regarding a date change or postponement because of covid19

What if you sent out your invitations already? Here's what I think; If you already sent out your invitation and your wedding got moved to later this year, you don't necessarily need to send out another invitation. I would add some wording to your change the date asking for communication from your guests if they are (or not) able to attend anymore - easiest way might be on your website, email or personal contact (via phone or text) depending on guest count.

If you have already sent out your invitation and your wedding was moved to next year then I would definitely send out another round of year, closer to your date, anywhere from 6 - 10 months out - after following the steps outlined above regarding change the dates. This will give your guests an entire year to prepare and some guests who might not have been able to make it before might be able to now, and of course the other way around.

When in doubt, always send your guests to your website to RSVP to the new date, ask a question or get general information.



Check out these beautiful Change The Date options from Minted


And some great selections from Etsy including a digital option


Wording tips if you are rescheduling with a new date confirmed:

  • In light of the recent events, our wedding date has changed to {insert new date}

  • Save our NEW date! {insert new date}

  • Unfortunately due to Covid 19 we have had to reschedule our wedding to {insert new date} all details remain the same (this last part is optional)

  • We changed our date and can’t wait to celebrate! {insert new date}


Wording tips if you are rescheduling without a date...just yet:

  • In light of current events, we are postponing our wedding. New wedding date to come soon.

  • Unfortunately due to Covid 19 we have had to reschedule our wedding date, check out our website for more details

  • We have decided to postpone our wedding to a future date. Please stay tuned for details.

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are changing our wedding date. New details to come soon.


Wording tips if you are not able to postpone:

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, we decided to elope! We’re planning a celebration soon and will send you the details.

  • We changed the date but couldn't wait

  • We do. We did! Since we aren’t able to celebrate in person, we decided to elope! More celebration details to come.


Hang in their dreamers, this too shall pass

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