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2020 Wedding Trends We Think You Will Love

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

This year's couples are definitely dialing up the customization for their weddings, really taking the "it's your day" advice to heart. Let's make this year one of intent and purpose. Go ahead and make Grandma your flower girl, get that bridal pantsuit you've been eyeing and even......don't get the photo booth! This year, fill your wedding with items and vendors that are meaningful to you as a couple and reflect your personalities, priorities and purpose. There are tons of new trends popping up this year and here are some of our fav's.

Non Traditional Bridal Parties

Tons and tons of couples are throwing out "the norm" and are handing out bouts and bouquets to both sides of the aisle. Groomswoman, Man of Honor and even little Buddy the dog as a ring bearer. We have seen it all and have to say, we are loving it all! Try and find a meaningful way to ask these special people in your life to be a part of a very special day with a special gift. Maybe a personalized t-shirt with their new title on it or a custom card / box to pop the question.

Photos from left to right; Top: Mariana Calderon Photography, Andrea Vodickova, Bottom: Red Sphere Studios, Greg Ross Photo

Experience Favors

Instagrammable moments are still everything, they are maybe even bigger than ever and don't miss even the smallest detail. If you are going to for favors, try a different approach and turn them into an experience for your guests. Something like a DIY bouquet bar, a cigar rolling station or even a custom wine blending experience.

Photos Left: Kristen Lynne Photography, Top: Sweetly Chic Events, Bottom:Napa Valley Register,

Your moms 80's wedding dress is back and here is how we feel about it...

We love it. Seeing this puffy sleeve wedding dress translated into modern fashion is giving us life! IT is serving us all of the 80's glam we didn't know we needed.

Photos from left to right: Tanya Bridal, Alina Nova, DHGate, The Knot

Bold Colors

Yes!! We love, love LOVE the bright, bold striking colors we are seeing out there. We are so happy to see this trend (hopefully stick around for a while). Out with the whites with greenery and in with the sherbert pink, saffron, dusty aqua and more

Photos left to right; Top: Left, KMR Photography Top Right: Michelle Lynn Weddings, Bottom Left, Wedding O Mania Bottom Right: Greg Finck

Dessert Bars

Yup, they are still a thing, and we hope they will be a thing for at least a little while. We are seeing more and more couples requesting a dessert bar over a plated dessert, and even more couples saying "no to the cake" and yes to a (stationed) mini dessert bar. If you want to spice it up a bit, have a fun interactive experience like a "make your own donut bar" that you can also double as your favors. Don't forget to task your planner or caterer for some fun and unique dessert ideas.

Photography: Adam J Clark Photography

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